Moonathon 2

The event took place at the farmstead located in Bannerghatta and it is adjacent to Bannerghatta National Park. Moonathon was an amazing experience as we could hear frantic Lion Roaring and Elephant Roaring.

Moonathon is yet another unique adventurous event by Team Rainathon. Idea was to spend a full night on full moon day during spring season with the nature to enjoy its blossom and breeze. Exposing ourselves to the beautiful nature to unwind the happiness which is within.

Team Rainathon made an opportunity to sit down to "ಬೆಳದಿಂಗಳ ಊಟ" under the glow of a full Moon, also consisting of many fun filled games, activities and events.

Date  From To
Event participants
Kishore Patwardhan
Rashmi Patwardhan
Srikanth Krishnamachari
Aapti Patwardhan
Hariprasad Dathe
Amit Naik
Mahadev Bodas

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