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Who we are

Rainathon is an unique idea where in people gather together to walk under the rain for a few kilometers. The location of the walk is generally a hill station or a forest area where more rain is expected. The uniqueness about this event is that the journey is covered without any raincoats, umbrellas or any kind of rain protectors.

During this walk, people are able to socialize, take part in various outdoor activities, enjoy varieties of local food and have some fun, all under the rain. As an initiative, varieties of seeds are sown in various parts of the travel destination.

The motto of the group is to enjoy the scenic beauty in the nature and let go all the tensions and difficulties of the busy lifestyle. A group of enthusiastic people from Bengaluru have successfully finished 13 seasons of Rainathon. We welcome everyone to be a part of this family and help grow the community.

Rainathon is a brain child of Mr. Kishore Patwardhan, who is also a successful entrepreneur.