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Rainathon Season 10 - A huge sucess

Rainathon Season - rich feeling of rain with good memory.!!

Haluvalli; A village in Chikkamagaluru district has route landscape is marvelous, narrow winding route goes between huge mountains, green vegetation surrounding.!!

Rainathon Season 10

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Rainathon Seasons
  • Rainathon Season- 1
  • Rainathon - I
    Location : Charmadi Ghat

    A 13 enthusiastic and energetic people walked down the Rainy Charmadi Ghats on 14-06-2013. This team had youngest participant a 6 years old girl[click here ]

  • Rainathon 2
  • Rainathon - II
    Location : Agumbe Ghat

    The second Rainathon was more exciting with the number of people doubled compared to the First Season. On 14-Jun-2014 Rainathonians walked across the amazing Agumbe Ghat with great enthusiasm[click here ]

  • Rainathon 3
  • Rainathon - III
    Location : Bisile Ghat

    A team of 45 people rainathoned 20KM stretch across Bisle Ghat on 19-Jul-2014 in heavy thunder showers. Highlight of the event was Felicitation of selfless personality Mr. Babu who worked as a Postal Runner for 30 years[click here ]

  • Rainathon 4
  • Rainathon - IV
    Location : Yelneer Ghat

    This was the last Rainathon Season of the year 2014. It had a very big team of 65 people, walked in Rain across the "Yelneer Ghat" which connects Samse and Belthangady Taluk[click here ]

  • Rainathon 5
  • Rainathon - V
    Location : Menasina Hadya

    Rainathon V was the first Rainathon of the year 2015 and it was huge success at Menasina Hadya Ghat, Chikkamagaluru. All the rainathonians enjoyed walking across Menasinahadya[click here ]

  • Rainathon 7
  • Rainathon - VII
    Location : Gaali Gudde

    Rainathon VII was the first Rainathon of the year 2016 and it was wonderful experience.Rainathonias enjoyed the hill top panoramic view of Kyathanamakki Gaali Gudde. This is a place with magnificent landscapes, rolling mountains, vast valleys, serene pastures etc.[click here ]

  • Rainathon 6
  • Rainathon-VIII
    Location : COONOOR

    Rainathon Season -VIII team travelled to Outy (Udakamandalam- Tamilanadu) 1st time crossed the Karnataka state Border and team reached Coonoor, This time team was small compared to 2016 1st season, We had very memorable walk in Tea Garden. Due to less rain fall in 2016 Rainathon was not very successful compared previous years.. [click here ]

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